Our Services

Our personnel is trained to respond to all emergencies

  • Medical Calls
  • Reported Structure Fires
  • Car Fires
  • Vehicle Accidents
  • Swift Water Rescue
  • Dive Operations
  • Trench Rescue
  • Confined Space
  • Hazardous Material Incidents
  • & MUCH MORE!

Outside of our fire district, we also provide mutual aid to 10 other fire departments within the Will County/MABAS 27 area. The Crete Township Fire Protection District answers nearly 1300 emergency calls annually out of 3 strategically located fire stations.

Every member of the Crete Township Fire Protection District is a licensed Emergency Medical Technician EMT-B or Paramedic EMT-P. Emergency Medical Service accounts for over 83% of our workload.


Knox Box Rapid Entry System

Knox Box is a secure Rapid Entry System that provides quick entry to your home or business through the fire department. Information on pricing and the different types of Knox Box's that are sold is available at any Crete Township Fire station or by calling 708-672-3111. The Crete Township Fire District has an ordinance in place requiring all new businesses to have a Knox Box.

Chain of Survival

Public and Provider CPR

The Crete Township Fire District offers CPR classes on a regular basis. Crete Township offers Friends and Family and Health Care Provider. Friends and Family is a free non-certification class, Health Care Provider is more in-depth, you will receive a 2-year card and the class cost $35.00 which includes a pocket mask and a book.

Weather Alert Radios

The Crete Township Firefighters Association is currently selling Weather Radios at the cost of $35.00. The Weather Radio is capable of alerting residents of incoming Severe Thunderstorms, Tornadoes or any other kind of weather event in our area. This radio is also designed to notify residents of any AMBER alert in the area. These radios can be purchased through any Crete Township Fire House or by calling 708-672-3111

Weather Radio Order Form


Reflective Address Signs-Helping Us Find You!

Think its tough for the pizza guy to find you? Try doing it at 2 am when someone is having a heart attack! Don't let that person be you!! Call today to order your sign. 708-672-3111

Reflective Address Marker Order Form

5 or fewer digits
All Proceed to Benefit Crete TWP. Firefighters Association for Equipment Purchases. Crete Township Firefighter's Association is a non-profit 501(c)3 Organization
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